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Reusable wood fibre cutlery

Akvila’s reusable wood fibre cutlery are overwhelmingly most sustainable choice regarding the environment compared to other bio-alternatives on the market.

Akvila’s reusable cutlery offers significant quality advantages:

- Solid feel, natural look

- Functional, strong and durable

- Heat-resistance min + 100

- Dishwasher safe, multiple reuse
Certified according EN 12875-1 standard

- Price, by comparison to PLA-cutlery, for example

Responsibility (made from UPM EcoAce):

- Akvila’s cutlery renewable content is almost 100%

- The products has lower ecological footprint than any other bio-based cutlery, offering carbon footprint (co2) reduction up to 100%.

- Akvila’s cutlery raw material saving resources, utilizing residues from existing pulp production, implementation of zero-deforestation

- The products are recyclable with existing recycling streams (#7, other plastics) or can be reused as raw material up to 5 times.
At the end of its life cycle, wood fibre cutlery is a renewable energy resource and CO2 balance of the raw materials remain zero after incineration.

- The products are packaged in recyclable paper packages

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