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HAY! "eco friendly" straws

HAY! Straws are 100% natural and compostable made from wheat stems.

After use, simply dispose of these sustainable straws as vegetable, fruit and garden waste (GFT).

Recently the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has fully recognised the natural origin of our straws and awarded us the label 100% biobased!

Our straws do not contain any glyphosate (RoundUp). To ensure the safety of our straws, they are continuously tested in batches for more than 500 chemical residues.

All these tests show that our straws meet all food safety standards.

Unlike paper straws that are crushed with chemicals, HAY! Straws pure nature.

After harvesting, the wheat is cut to length and then rinsed thoroughly three times in sterile water to remove dirt and bacteria.

Chemicals are NEVER added. The result is a durable straw.

Our wheat is harvested by hand and only the best grains are exclusively hand-selected for HAY! Straws.

The result is a premium wheat straw characterised by the very highest quality standard.